6- Plant Special Columbia Star Floricane Thornless 6 cm pots

Product Code: 6- YDLNB82

6-Plant Special Columbia Star consists of 6 Columbia Star (ORUS 3447-1)( Propagation prohibited! PPAF).Floricane. Thornless.(Rubus subg. Rubus Watson) Columbia Star was selected in Corvallis, OR in 2008. From cross made in 2005. ‘Black Butte’ (NZ 9629-1 ) x ORUS 828-43) Thornlessness inherited from NZ variety. Columbia Star was tested as ORUS 3447-1. Harvest timing a few days later than Marion. Machine harvests very well. Yields are better than Marion. Fruit Quality (size, appearance, flavor, etc.) -excellent. Larger than Marion. Flavor profile is very similar to Marion. Comparison to Marion: Thornless with great potential to have larger, excellent quality fruit. Overall rating of commercial potential: Excellent. Prolonged shape of berries + great quality : Large Size and great Flavor! 6 cm pots.


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