6-Plant Special Josephine Red Primocane Late season tissue cultured plugs

Product Code: 6-PT0QPQ1

6-Plant special Josephoine Red ( primocane) consists of 6 Josephine . Josephine ( US PP12173 P2) - a new cultivar of fall bearing red raspberry originated from a controlled cross at the University of Maryland Greenhouses in College Park, Md. The cross “EF” was ‘Amity’ (unpatented)בGlen Gerry’ (unpatented) and was made in the winter of 1989. The clone was first selected in 1992 at the Rutgers Cream Ridge Fruit Agricultural Experiment Station and was therefore designated “-f1”. Thus, the complete breeding designation was “JEF-f1”. JEF-b1, a sister seedling named ‘Anne’, disclosed in U.S. Plant Pat. No. 10,411, was selected a year earlier in Blackstone, Va. , the fruit being larger, with tougher skin and more cohesive than that of the standard cultivars. The cultivar is characterized by moderate suckering ability and its large, round and extremely symmetrical fruit which ripens later than standard cultivars. 6 cm pots.


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