Bluewinkle Berry Farms only provides tissue cultured and virus indexed plants, which ensures healthy bountiful plants. Blackberries have great health benefits including being high in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. 

Primocane vs Floricane: Primocane plants fruit on the current year’s growth. To have a fall crop ((late Aug. to Nov. depending on Zone) we recommend Prime-Ark Freedom, Prime-Ark Traveler and Prime-Ark45. Floricane plants fruit on the prior year’s growth and are considered summer fruiting varieties (June 6 to August 15, depending on Zone and spring weather conditions.) Trailing and semi-erect cultivars need a trellis. Erect cultivars can grow as bushes. See our “Growing Blackberries” section for instructions on growing, cultivating and pruning Blackberries.

Please note the date on your order for spring shipment. We ship all year depending on your zone! Many varieties are limited in quantity. New releases available now are Columbia Star, Osage Thornless, Sweetie Pie, Prime-Ark Freedom, Prime-Ark Traveler. Please order while supplies last. Do not use pine shavings or any acidic mulch around blackberries and leave 1-foot mulch free spot around plant base when you replant them. Order now! 479-846-6060.

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