Bluewinkle Berry Farms only provides tissue cultured and virus indexed plants, which ensures  healthy bountiful plants. and our customer's success and to get the most yield possible. Blueberry bushes are comparatively long-lived plants, and on average, can produce at peak yields for many many years - over 55! -  as long as they are properly maintained. Blueberry bushes have a profusion of white/pink blossoms in late spring, leaves which are glossy green, blue-green in summer and outstanding colored foliage in autumn. Besides fruit production, they are a beautiful ornamental and are used in a variety of landscapes. Blueberries make great hedges! And tea made from blueberry leaves ( tops picked before bearing) is healthy and delicious! For larger berries and higher yields it is better to have 2-3 varieties.

Blueberry Health benefits:

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Bluewinkle Berry Farms sells tissue cultured, virus indexed plants.Being tissue cultured! You get the best varieties in perfect shape growing vigorously!

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