Borealis Jumbo Plug ( PP Canada) Mid season 12 cm pots Large Plants

Product Code: BORPKWG292

Borealis was released at University of Saskatchewan( Canada) in 2007.The cross is between Blue Velvet ( Kiev#8) and Tomichka ( F1 of "Delfin" that is F1 of L. Turczaninowii wild honeyberry from Primorskii kraii, Russian Far East) gave a good result. Some good varieties were developed. And Borealis is one of them but it has a better size and nicer taste and flavor. It was chosen as the best tasting of 43 varieties in Japan. The University recommends the variety for  U-pick operations and for home gardening. The skin of the berries is not firm enough for commercial harvesting and sorting. High is about 6 ft and estimated yield is 10 pounds+ in colder hardiness zones. 12 cm pot. Tissue Cultured. Zone 2-7. Because of similar genetics Tundra does not pollinate well with Borealis. You can pollinate it with any Variety but Tundra or Gem series. 12 cm pot. Jumbo Size plants. Propagation prohibited!


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