Coville ( Vaccinium corymbosum ) 1 gal. Size

Product Code: COVWEUQ43

Coville (  Vaccinium corymbosum ) is an old famous variety, named after U.S. Department of Agriculture botanist  Dr. Frederick Coville (1867-1937). Untill 1911 blueberies were picked up from the wild.  This scientist developed Blue Crop, Blue Ray, Earliblue, Razz varieties in 30-s of 20 century.. He was the first to set the stage for commercial production of blueberries, replanting thousands of seedlings from wildness into the research fields. He discovered that soil should be moist and acidic. He tamed the blueberry!  The Coville variety has neutral /sweet taste, special flavor and can be used for fresh eating, cooking, canning , wine etc. especially good for jam/jelly because it is not too sweet through preserving with sugar. Zone 3-7.1 gal. Size. 


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