Honeyberries (Lonicera Cerulea, Blue Honeysuckle) are one of the newest “super fruits” packing three times the anti-oxidants as Blueberries and contain the trace element Selenium which is known to have many health benefits. These health dynamos, which are native to Russia (known as Zhimolost) and Japan (known as Hasukappu) have recently started to take off in North America known as Honeyberries and in Canada as Haskap. Honeyberries are widely adaptable, hardy to -40 F, have few pest and can easily be grown in zones 2-8.

Our Honeyberries have a Russian origin and are grown from tissue culture and are virus indexed to help ensure that you have the healthiest plants possible. These early bearers fruit 2 weeks before Strawberries! Honeyberries need a good pollinator and they require at least 2 varieties for cross pollination! Additional varieties will be released every year as our research continues developing new interesting plants.

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Honeyberry Health benefits:  and



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