Vintage Red Primocane Mid- late season 1 gal. Size

Product Code: VINW1JUP62

Vintage (ORUS 2786-5) Description and specifications of a new and distinct red raspberry cultivar  produced from open pollinated flowers of ‘Isabel’ (U.S. Plant Pat. No. 9,340) is provided. This new primocane fruiting cultivar can be distinguished by its high yields of large, very bright-red-colored, sweet, flavorful fruit with excellent fresh fruit quality borne on primocanes in late summer. A late ( but starts two weeks before Heritage ), fresh market primocane fruiting variety from the USDA-ARS program in Oregon. It ripens a week later than Heritage. Fruit is large, firm and glossy with excellent flavor. Susceptible to root rot. 1gal. Size.


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