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For inquires of hundreds or even thousands of blackberry, blueberry & honeyberry plants, Bluewinkle Berry Farms can provide you with the quality and quantity of tissued cultured  plants to achieve your goal. U-Pic berry farms are growing in leaps and bounds as more and more people look for opportunities to pick fresh, healthy and affordable berries for their kitchen fare. Many growers are also producing berry crops for jams, jellies, wine and other related revenue generating products or use berries frozen. Please, e-mail us at or call us at (479) 846-1060.

Small Fruit Plants & Container Sizes:

  • 12cm 18 per flat.
  • 6cm  36 per flat
  • Please, call for additional information and availability.


  • 1 gallon Size pots

    Bluewinkle Berry Farms offers Blueberries , Blackberries , Honeyberries, Hybrids and Raspberries in the gallon size. These plants are available all year round. Because our plants are all tissue cultured and virus indexed they are especially valuable to buy them. For example, our 1 gal. Blackberry plants consistently produce seven-foot vines in less than three months in the nursery. We’d be happy to see that accelerated growth put to good use in your backyard.

  • 2 gallon Size pots 36"-48" or larger 4+-5+ years old plants are available only pre-ordered.
  • Attention! In early spring our  PLANTS ARE  DORMANT and SHORTER because we prune them heavily in summer and early fall. They will become bushier and much taller fast!
  • 3 gallon Size pots are  available ONLY pre-ordered!
  • All plants are grown in high quality sterilized soil. Nematode certified.



Our Prices

  • 2016 Nursery Price List Information (Commericial)
  • All prices F.O.B Prairie grove AR. in U.S. Dollars. Plant prices do not include freight, royalty, documentation, handling, pallets and cooler charges if applicable.
  • All requests for phytosanitary certificates will carry a minimum charge of $75.00 .
  • Prices are based on the number of plants per variety, not on the total number of plants in your order.

Patented Varieties

  • It is a violation of the law to propagate patented varieties without a license. For patented varieties requiring royalty payments.


  • All orders are booked subject to availability of stock. It is our intent to fill all sales contracts as confirmed. Any shortage in supply due to circumstances beyond our control will be prorated as reasonably as possible, with priority consideration to early orders,deposits, and payments in full.

Requirements to Purchase

  • We require proof of trade for wholesale prices. That are available to independent garden centers, e-commerce sites for resale and or commercial growers.

        Order TODAY by calling us at 479-846-1060!

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